Philanthropic entrepreneur, Albert Herzstein, founded Herzstein Investments in 1965. Since its inception, Herzstein Investment has owned and leased commercial real estate throughout the state of Texas. Herzstein Investments develops and manages its real estate while endeavoring to develop long and lasting relationships with its tenants. Herzstein Investments continues to operate with the high standards set by Mr. Herzstein. In doing so, Herzstein Investments provides top quality facilities managed by an outstanding local management team. The longevity of Herzstein Investments’ tenants is a testament to the company’s commitment to building relationships and fostering long-term tenancies. Some of our tenants have been with us for over thirty years.


L. Michael Hajtman

Richard Pennington
GM Real Estate

Ludek Koleckar
RE Superintendent

Alan Chang

Kara Boleyn
Property Management Administrator

Kristina Gantz
Administrative Assistant